1875 Pass Road Biloxi, Mississippi (228) 388-3080

Darrolyn Hunt, DVM, Practice Owner

Dr. Darrolyn Hunt is a Biloxi native who graduated from Sacred Heart High School and attended Mississippi University for Women. She made her career choice at a very young age, helping her mother, a veterinary technician, care for animals in a non-profit animal rescue facility after Hurricane Camille. Later, she volunteered for Biloxi veterinarians, Dr. John Broussard and Dr. Kenneth Bleichner. She received her veterinary degree in 1987 from Mississippi State University and returned to her Gulf Coast home. In 1989, she began working for the newly opened Edgewater Veterinary Hospital, which she later purchased in 1996. In 2001, she became a partner at Biloxi Animal Hospital. Currently she sees patients at both facilities.