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Surgery can be a frightening prospect. Even elective surgeries hold risks, after all. That’s why when we think of operating on your animal, we know that surgery is the last of many steps we are going to take that begin well before your pet is in our dedicated surgical suite. Starting with thorough pre-anesthetic testing and appropriate pre-anesthetic medications, we ensure that your pet is a good candidate for surgery. These tests help us minimize the risks, and allow us to better prepare for complications that might arise in any procedure.

When your pet is placed under anesthesia , we use the best of modern technologies to monitor your pet's vital signs including heart rate, oxygen levels, respiratory function, body temperature, and electrical function of the heart until and after the procedure is over and your pet is awake and comfortable. To ensure comfort we administer pre and post-surgical pain medications appropriate for the procedure.

We do our best to ease the fear associated with surgery by facing the risks head on. Our doctors and staff are ready to address any concerns you may have about the procedure that your pet needs.